Lamda Networks specialises in machine learning, data analytics, applied statistics and large scale processing and messaging for the telecommunication sector. Moreover, we offer training courses to our customers. Lamda Networks has several years of experience in telecommunication networks 5G (Core and MEC) catering for large-scale statistics, machine learning and analytics. Commercial projects involve our expertise in network management, machine learning, cloud provisioning, and privacy technologies.

Based on our commercial experience and through our collaboration with major players such as RackSpace and Rambus, we undertaken the decision to focus on Big Data streaming analytics for applications to 6G network analytics and privacy-preserving solutions. To that end, we has developed a messaging and analytics platform called Qiqbus. The platform has been designed to operate on a telco cloud native environment. It implements a share-nothing architecture that allows it to scale to a very large number of UEs network slices and traffic rate.